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Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale flight information

There are 721 (nonstop) flights between Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and Fort Lauderdale per week, averaging 97 per day. Delta (27 times daily), Aeromexico (14 times daily), Virgin Atlantic (9 times daily) are the most frequent flyers on this route. When flying out of Atlanta you will be using Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, often referred to as Atlanta Airport. You will be landing at Fort Lauderdale, also known as Fort Lauderdale Airport. 7 to 10 kg is the allowed hand luggage limit while flying from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale. For most recent updates on the hand luggage weight, contact respective airlines.

Avg. flight duration 1h 54m
Flights Arrive in Fort Lauderdale
Flights Depart from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson
Distance 582 miles
Airlines Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, American Airlines

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