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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Carrier passages are not ensured until the point when tickets are issued effectively inside the aircrafts' rules, Visa effectively charged, and course/toll legitimacy twofold checked.
Lodging evaluating, inn room accessibility are exclusively the duty of the inn network is nourishing their cost and accessibility data to us.
All carrier tickets are sold as non-refundable and non-variable.
Special case: In uncommon cases aircrafts will permit date change, that will be liable to carrier punishment in addition to charge distinction (if pertinent), notwithstanding USD 150.00 preparing expense. A few admissions may be discounted by Airlines' punishments for cancelation in addition to USD 150.00 preparing charge.
Name changes are not allowed once reservation has been affirmed. For worldwide flights, first and keep going names on the tickets must be a correct match with travelers' visas.
Exemption: Some aircrafts will consider permitting a name revision; carrier punishment notwithstanding USD 150.00 preparing charge will apply.
The client concurs he or she has surveyed the agenda showed on the bookable page (charge card page) for precision of dates, times, and right air terminals, adjust inns registration dates/times, while taking note of any air terminal exchanges, long delays, stops, or overnight stays demonstrated on the schedule.
On the off chance that the site neglects to demonstrate an affirmation screen when you endeavor a travel booking, it will be obscure if the blunder happened individually PC or server. Consequently, it is the client's obligation to contact our office to determine whether the booking is affirmed.
In the event that the client commits an error in a travel booking, he or she ought not make a moment booking until inquisitive with our help office about the status of the main booking.
For flights to Africa, we likely will contact the client to ask for a fax approval frame and photocopy of a government provided ID before ticketing. In the event that the client does not wish to fax a personal ID, we can propose an option thing to fax. This is for assurance against data fraud for the Mastercard holder.

Refund Policy

  • Air Fares may take up to 24 hours to process your refund. Once processed, your bank will take care of the rest. Just know that it may take them up to 7 days to post the credit to your account, and up to 2 billing cycles to show the credit on your statement.

  • The refund will be processed back to the original form of payment. So, if you have paid using your debit/credit card -- that’s where the money will be refunded.

  • If your credit card statement includes a charge from a third party (such as a low-cost airline, rental car company, or cruise line), you’ll receive your refund from them, not Air Fares. If this is the case, get in touch with that third party to ask any questions about refunds.

  • In case of a partial payment or deposit, the refund will be processed after the deduction of applicable fees and charges.

  • For bookings made through points/credits.
  • In the cases of cancellation of bookings that are made through points/credits,the applicable cancellation fee will be deducted from your points balance.
  • If you used points and a credit card to pay for your booking, any cancellation fees will come out of the points portion of your refund first, followed by the credit card portion, if necessary.

    In case of cancellation within 24 hours, only refundable bookings are eligible for a full refund. For non refundable flights, you may get a flight credit to use for a future booking.

  • Most hotels refund all your money if you cancel before their cancellation deadline.
  • Some hotel rooms are non-refundable, meaning you won’t get your money back if you cancel.
  • If you cancel a non-refundable hotel booking, or cancel your booking after the hotel's cancellation deadline, you won’t be able to get a refund, no
  • matter how you paid (using points or your credit card, for instance).
  • If you canceled before the hotel's cancellation deadline but still see a charge from them on your credit card statement, get in touch with the hotel itself to make sure you get your refund.
    Vacation Packages
    If you booked your package:
  • Within the last 24 hours: You may be able to cancel and get all your money back.
  • More than 24 hours ago: Your airline, hotel, car rental company, or activity provider may have a cancellation fee that we’ll pass on to you.

  • Cars
  • Does your prepaid car booking qualify for a refund? Check out your itinerary for details. If it does, just know you have to cancel the booking at least 6 hours before pick-up.
  • Need to return the car early? In this case, you won’t be refunded for any unused time.

  • Cruises
    Most cruise bookings are eligible for a full refund if you cancel up to 90 days before departure.

    You can get a refund for most activity bookings if you cancel before the activity's cancellation deadline. Just keep in mind that some activities are non-refundable.

    Our organization required 24 hours to confirm your Mastercard. In the event that cost on a booking was terminated or changed amid this time, booking will be naturally crossed out.

    We require up to 72 hours to process all carrier tickets. Normally, if the client's flight leaves sooner than 72 hours, ticketing won't require the full 72 hours.

    Electronic tickets will be issued for carrier reservations at whatever point conceivable. On the off chance that electronic ticketing is not accessible, paper tickets will be sent to credit cardholder's charging address as it were.

    Supper and seat inclinations will be sent to the aircraft, however can't be ensured. Seats for all travelers will be chosen consequently in light of the best seats accessible and nearby the essential traveler, if conceivable.

    Isolate buys: Any buy of airfare is considered altogether isolate from different buys of airfare, lodgings, and so on., made on this site or somewhere else, regardless of the possibility that the client has joined those things in a shopping basket.

    Assessments, Charges and Fees
    Charges - For some carrier tolls, your aggregate cost might be part into at least two charges. Now and again there is a different charge by an aircraft for every traveler. You may likewise observe charges split into a section called "airfare adjust," "benefit expense," "operator expense," "travel benefit" or comparative. You should review that administration expenses were incorporated the first occasion when we demonstrated to you a toll. At that point on the following page the duties were included and shown. Charges that have one of the above names will in some cases mean an extraordinary bit of the admission, (for example, a "distributer's increase") or administration expenses or both. For electronic tickets, your aggregate charges dependably will be what you saw unmistakably on the Mastercard screen. On the other hand, if paper tickets are required, at that point as said on the Visa screen, there will be a delivery charge. See "PAPER TICKETS and SHIPPING" somewhere else in these Terms. On the off chance that some way or another you see mistaken or twofold charges, please get in touch with us. Typically every one of that implies is your bank gave us two endorsements for a similar ticket and you will see one vanish in a couple of days (your bank chooses).

    Booking Requirements
    A legitimate telephone number and email deliver are required to secure your booking. This organization is not in charge of any deferrals or bothers hastened to a limited extent by the client's inability to give exact contact data.

    The name on every aircraft ticket must match a legitimate personal ID appeared at the airplane terminal.

    For travelers starting aircraft go outside the USA/Canada, there are exceptional guidelines concerning the likelihood of paper tickets being issued. Additionally, additional checks are made to guarantee nobody is utilizing a stolen charge card.

    Takeoff Information
    All travelers are unequivocally encouraged to reconfirm their flights straightforwardly with the withdrawing aircraft 48-72 hours before takeoff because of conceivable carrier plan changes.

    Contracts of Carriage: Making a buy of any aircraft's passage through any site constitutes acknowledgment of the carrier's Contract of Carriage. Every aircraft's principles for boarding and carriage of travelers are accessible by means of telephone to the carrier.

    Try not to book a minor flying alone, age 16 or less, unless you will pay extra aircraft expenses at the air terminal and you are completely mindful of what the specific carrier's tenets are for a minor voyaging alone. A few aircrafts forbid lone minors on specific flight associations.

    Travelers are encouraged to be completely checked in at air terminals at least two hour before takeoff on every household flight and three hours for global flights. It is encouraged to twofold check these limitations with air terminal or aircraft work force concerning your nearby airplane terminal.

    Our organization is not at risk for "demonstrations of God," e.g. cataclysmic events, poor climate, airplane hardware disappointments, and world wellbeing or war/political issues, and won't be obligated for flight delays, constrained cancelations or overbooking done by the carrier, aircraft plan changes, lost or harmed baggage, or drop out from the chapter 11 status or liquidation of a carrier. On the off chance that flights are drop by the aircraft for one of the above reasons, benefit related expenses will stay nonrefundable yet the carrier may permit discount of part or the majority of the base admission.

    All travelers going outside of the US are required to have certain travel records: a legitimate visa in an indistinguishable name from the aircraft ticket, and either a round-trip carrier ticket or confirmation of forward travel. Furthermore, numerous countries require a visa issued by the goal nation, medicinal immunizations for tainted regions/nations, as well as verification of adequate assets when entering the goal nation. A few nations have a takeoff charge payable at the air terminal before withdrawing the nation. Contact the goal nation's office or proportional hotspots for these guidelines preceding purchasing aircraft tickets.

    Mastercard Issues and Disputes
    Every one of our travelers should pay for their tickets with their own particular Mastercard (charge card holder must be one of the traveler).

    In the event that traveler endeavor to pay with outsider Mastercard (card holder is not a traveler), our organization required Visa approval frame filled and marked, duplicate of the Visa front and back, and duplicate of Visa holder picture ID. Each one of those archives must be faxed at 646-520-3879. After the fax is done Mastercard holder should get back to us to ensure that we got all reports. On the off chance that every single required record won't be gotten by our organization with in 24 hours after reservation is made or Mastercard can not be confirmed electronically, reservation will be offsetting consequently with any notices and Mastercard won't be charged.

    Our organization won't be held at risk for deferrals or loss of passages caused by credit or charge cards neglecting to experience or charging delivers neglecting to check electronically.

    The client concurs not to question the preparing expense, carrier ticket charge or airfare adjusts if our organization has submitted to the terms and states of the aircrafts and this understanding.

    In the event that the client addresses any charge on their Mastercard identified with this travel buy or is thinking about debating the charge on the card, the client consents to advise Air Fares.com or its travel bolster focus of the questionable charge close to 60 days after the date of the charge. On the off chance that the client does not inform Air Fares.com or its travel bolster focus inside sixty (60) days, the client defers any privilege to question such issues or errors. The main special case is if the client gets confirmation from the carrier that there is some kind of problem with the aircraft tickets that was caused by Air Fares.com or its travel bolster focus. In that situation, the client has until 30 days after the booked date of flight to inform Air Fares.com of the expectation to debate. Support for this section of strategy is that the client's card-issuing bank at times illuminates just the carrier of a debate in process, so that Air Fares.com would have lacking chance to introduce its own side in the issue unless educated by the client in a convenient way.

    In the event that the client endeavors a chargeback on a non-refundable aircraft ticket, benefit expense, or an airfare adjust that meets the terms and states of this assention; the client consents to discount everything of the chargeback in addition to a half punishment for the bother and bookkeeping costs.

    Since a few charges for airfare are in the aircraft's name, the client thusly perceives our organization to have expert completely equivalent to that of the carrier in re-gathering the questioned subsidizes through the client's bank, Visa organization, courts, and accumulation offices as though the office were simply the aircraft.

    24*7 Customer Support

    For any booking related query or help contact our 24*7 customer helpline number.